• On April 4-6, 2008 the dance group performed 14 acts in the Starpower Preliminary held at the Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School in Upper Marlboro, MD.  The dance group won 10 Gold Ribbons, 2 Elite Gold Medals, and 2 Platinum 1st Place Trophies
  • Last summer (2008) the group traveled to Orlando, Florida and competed in the Starpower National Dance Competition.
  • In February 2009 the group performed at the America's Got Talent audition held at the National Harbor, MD.
  • During July 2009 ACDG competed at Talent America in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • ACDG Recital, June 2010
  • ACDG Modeling/Fashion Show held March 2011.
  • ACDG Production "Wiz In Motion" held June 2011.
  • ACDG Production "ACDG Spritz" June 2012
  • ACDG Participated in "Zumba for Trayvon"
  • ACDG Production "Our New Cotton Club Revue" June 2013
  • ACDG Performed at the Hyattsville Arts Festival, September 2013
Talent America Awards:

ACDG (Brittany, Johnnae, Cardell, Tyrell & Terry)

 1.   Strike Out/Showdown         -   1st Place
 2.   I Get So Lonely                   -   1st Place


 1.   You Pulled Me Through -  Best Overall Performance
 2.   You Pulled Me Through  - Most Graceful (Special Judges Award)
 3.   You Pulled Me Through   - 1st Place Runner Up
 4.   This is It                           - Best Group Costume (Special Judges Award)
 5.   Shake It Like a Pom Pom - Best Choreography
 6.   Shake It Like a Pom Pom - Best Costume (Special Judges Award)
 7.   Shake It Like a Pom Pom  - 1st Place Runner Up

Honey Dews  (Malik and Arianna)

  Push It To The Limit                - Second Place Child's Division