The Alexander Community Dance Group, Corp.

The Alexander Community Dance Group (ACDG) is celebrated in the Washington Metropolitan area, for over 20 years, for its commitment to providing high-quality dance training and arts education.  Our mission is to inspire a life-long love of dance for individuals in a nurturing environment.

Our hope is that our children grow into talented dancers; but more importantly, they become confident people. Our dancers receive a well rounded dance education including technique and artistry, not just choreography. Our teachers emphasize proper dance technique including body awareness, correct alignment, quality of movement and terminology. Classes will always include proper warm-ups and progression of movement. We believe dance will not only teach your child movement and music appreciation, but it will also stress responsibility and discipline as well as developing beautiful poise and confidence.

ACDG has trained students who have gone on to celebrated careers as performers in various dance companies, choreographers, actors of stage, and dance educators. Others have used the discipline, grace and focus gained through their training to excel in a broad range of professions.

Whether students are interested in pursuing a career in dance, or just experiencing and enjoying the art form, ACDG offers the best possible training at all levels to help them grow and become more confident about themselves as dancers and responsible citizens.